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Haulage, Logistics and Transportation Services

At Kamrate Nigeria Limited, we can give you the most comprehensive and efficient haulage and transportation management services on both 20ft and 40ft trucks for your Import & Export solutions for your company.

Kamrate Nigeria Limited renders services of transportation on the following trucks:

Single (20ft), ten tyres, and fourteen tyres.

SDouble (2×20)



…All these, allowing us to effectively meet your various container pick-up and delivery requirements.

Now, backed by our exceptional and reputable customer service, every consignment will be monitored from pick-up to delivery.

With the strength of our logistic associates and our reputable customer service support team, you can depend on Kamrate Nigeria Limited to give you the best solutions and cost-certainly means to service your business by all means possible.

We will identify, quantify and rank a list of cost savings opportunities based on impact, time to complete and other variables.

As part of our logistic consultation process Kamrate Nigeria Limited, we can give you one-on-one consultation for your transportation and supply chain management needs.

We adopt a transportation strategy and implementation of deliverables based on your needs.

As part of our evaluation system at Kamrate Nigeria Limited, we will look at your current transportation services and work system, including:

Examining all transportation processes and structures

Assessing transportation planning and order management process.

Looking at current technology, data quality and organizational goals and objectives.

Reviewing current system and delivery processes

We will offer clear and concise measures for you based on our recommendations, including:

Identifying and addressing wasteful and inefficient processes and services.

Providing recommendations on best business practices and solutions.

Identifying opportunities with the use of technological services.

Outlining opportunities to improve organizational effectiveness and employee morale.

Cost saving and service enhancing both effective work strategies and methods.

ICT Infrastructure Procurement ICT Infrastructure Procurement

Our portfolio covers the length and breadth of ICT materials.

We aim to deliver exactly what your business requires to get to the higher level.

This simply means we supply anything and everything from servers, desktops, patresses, LAN & Fibre Cables of various sizes, LAN testers, modules, printers, projectors and projector screens, etc.

To inquire more about our ICT, or, Haulage, Logistics & Transportation consultation and services, feel free to Contact Us

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